So I’ll need all the details mentioned above, plus I’ll need some business details for invoicing. That’ll be your/business name and address. ABN/ACN if applicable, phone number and email of the contact I’ll be dealing with.

If the artwork is for commercial purposed I’ll need a 50% deposit, I’ll send through an invoice as soon as I get all of your details. Final artwork files are delivered ‘C.O.D style’ – only after final balance has been received and processed. If you need my details for you own system or for a purchase order please let me know and I’ll have it through to you straight away.

Direct bank deposit is the preferred payment method, but we accept Credit Card (credit cards are charged through paypal and will incur a 4% surcharge), money orders and cheques (if you are paying by cheque, please allow extra time in your deadline for processing).

If you cancel the project before completion, there is a ‘Kill Fee’ of 50% of balance owing. Please keep in mind that I’m putting a lot of time, effort, materials into your artwork and if your situation does (unfortunately) change, just before I finish it, it doesn’t mean I can absorb the cost.

credit Client agrees to include a credit to the Artist in connection with the Work. If you are going ahead with a project or illustration please email me if you have a written agreement you need me to sign before we proceed.

copyright, rights and licensing Client acknowledges that Artist (Luke Watson) is first and sole owner of all “copyright” and shall retain intellectual rights of all Illustration(s) and/or Artwork(s). Under international law, copyright and intellectual property always belongs to the Artist (Luke Watson) unless copyright is assigned to the Client (yourself) in the form of a ‘Copyright Assignment’. Copyright can be purchased if required, but usually an ‘Exclusive License’ is the best option.

An Exclusive License allows the client full priveliges of the artwork in specified regions and agreed applications/purposes (ie. TV, Web, Print, T-shirts etc.) for a specific time period (ie. two years).

All usage rights are void until full payment has been received. The Artist is entitled to use all Illustrations or Artwork for self promotion purposes or to enter into any contest. Reassigning of Rights : Client may not assign or transfer this Licence or any part thereof unless authorised in writing by the Artist. No modifications, changes or alterations may be made to Illustrations or any part thereof, directly or indirectly, without the Artist´s prior written consent. All original artwork sold is subject to ‘No Reproduction Rights’, meaning that if you buy an original sketch or drawing that you do not have the right to copy or reproduce the art in any way , including online or in printed matter without the express written permission of the artist, Luke Watson. Delivery of Artwork Commercial Artwork is delivered in electronic medium (Final artwork can be sent via email, uploaded online, or sent on CD ). Private commissions will be sent as hard copy (at the predetermined size) via regular post unless otherwise agreed. Sketches and previews are sent via email

Artist´s Copies Client shall furnish the Artist with two copies of all published work upon publication. Clients can not pick up artwork from the studio, sorry public liability issues and all, plus I mostly wear pyjamas during the day and I don’t want to ruin the suave veneer my website provides…

where possible I support local businesses in my area. I have a local ink guy, my paper people are down the street, and my frames are made in town. hopefully you guys can support your community as well.