If my quote is accepted I’ll make a start. I believe in a strong preliminary sketch stage, which will give you an idea (or two) of how I see the artwork looking. I’ll do a bunch of sketches to eliminate anything that isn’t worth showing you and then I’ll send you the best idea(s) for you to review.

There are 3 iterations of sketches included in the quote and because this is just the preliminary stage it’s easy to make changes. This way we can get the preliminary artwork just right and then when I finish it off it should be spot on.

After I’ve finished a piece of artwork changes are a little more complicated and time consuming. I’ll be as accommodating as I can and hopefully the change won’t be a big deal. Every now and again something crops up that is a big change and if it is going to effect the cost I’ll let you know straight away and we can proceed from there.

I think that’s about it with the words, time to make a beautiful art baby together.